Kobe Doin’ Work: Spike Lee & Bean!

Posted by Raza Thu, 21 May 2020

In 2009, basketball fanatic and legendary movie director Spike Lee teamed up with Kobe Bryant to bring the world a revolutionary basketball documentary titled “Kobe Doin’ Work”. This film gave us insight like never before. Kobe allowed Spike to visually capture his game while he broke down his every move and thought during a live NBA against the San Antonio Spurs.

*A gem for the people! Lil Wayne was one of Kobe’s favorite artist and Wayne was and still is a HUGE Bean fan! During this time he released one of my favorite pregame songs “Kobe Bryant”- Click Here to check it out!

As casual fans we always marveled at the physical talent of our greatest athletes. We see it as physical genius, but we tend to neglect the mental aspect. In my playing years, as I progressed to higher levels I learned how significant basketball IQ and mental toughness is to your on court success. Those are lessons that you are taught but not everyone truly understands. In “Kobe Doin’ Work” you get the unfiltered access to the mind of a basketball GENIUS!

We have been fortunate as people to experience the greatest of Kobe Bryant on and off the court. The legacy he has left behind will inspire for generations!

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