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A personalized consulting service where we offer the opportunity to take your basketball journey to the next level.

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We acknowledge the desire basketball players have to compete at the highest level. Hoop Mountain Dubai is offering a full-service basketball consulting program for players in the Middle East who wish to pursue basketball at the next level in the United States.

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With over 50 years of combined experience, Coach Julian King and Co-founder Steve Gibbs have a large network of connections and knowledge to share while assisting you on your journey. Each player will be received personalized consulting to ensure they are placed in the best situation.
We will conduct a professional evaluation of the player’s basketball skill level. Based on the evaluation, Hoop Mountain Dubai coaches will develop a personalized program for the athlete. The program will focus on developing skill, strength & agility, film breakdown, academic guidance, and much more!
Throughout the duration of the program Hoop Mountain Dubai staff will focus on developing a personal relationship with the athlete and their family. The personalized approach Dubai staff will focus on developing a personal relationship with the athlete and their family. The personalized approach allows us to gain a better understanding of player needs.
With 600+ colleges & universities and 250 prep schools’ option available, Hoop Mountain Dubai will assist in developing a list of 10-15 appropriate options. Our staff will continuously examine all options throughout the process, while providing expert guidance every step of the way!

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*Each player and their family will received personalized attention throughout the entire process

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Our experts offer over 50 combined years of knowledge and connections in the basketball world.

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Hoop Mountain campers have earned college scholarships at our events.


Hoop Mountain staff members became coaches in the NBA.


Hoop Mountain staff members have gone on to become successful college, prep school and high school coaches.