Basketball Training

We offer personalized attention with individual, group, and team training sessions, to make sure our players receive in-depth feedback and accurate game evaluations. Our programs offer valuable education that extends far beyond the court. 

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We acknowledge the desire basketball players have to compete at the highest level. Hoop Mountain Dubai is offering a full-service basketball consulting program for players in the Middle East who wish to pursue basketball at the next level in the UAE.

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Speed, Strength, and Agility Training

Speed, Strength, and Agility Training is a personalized program for athletes of all ages. SSA customizes functional low and high intensity movements, drills, and cross training to develop flexibility, strength and proper movement techniques. So whether your goal is to be stronger and faster on the field, get an athletic scholarship or go professional, this is the program for you!

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Scouting and Recruiting

Scouting: Hoop Mountain Dubai provides weekly basketball write ups highlighting the top basketball players, teams, coaches and stories throughout Dubai.Recruiting: Hoop Mountain Dubai helps to coordinate recruiting opportunities for players to move on to the next level through our various High School, Prep School and University contacts in the UAE and the United States.

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ALL Sports Camps

Hoop Mountain Camps offer two specialized programs, Basketball, and All Sports, to help Hoopstars achieve their athletic goals. Whether you’re new to the sport, learning the basics, or refining your skills, our camps grow athletes.

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