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We offer personalized attention with individual, group, and team training sessions, to make sure our players receive in-depth feedback and accurate game evaluations. Our programs offer valuable education that extends far beyond the court. With guidance on how to approach diet, mental and physical fitness, we instill lifelong lessons and discipline that prepares each player for success.


This pre-team instructional program will teach the little ones the 5 basic basketball skills of running, jumping, shooting, dribbling, passing, as well as the rules of the game in a low pressure, fun environment.


Our Junior Hoopstars will continue to strengthen their muscles, focusing on basic fundamentals, as well as team building skills, game strategy and competitions.


Refining the fundamentals of basketball and team skills, our Junior Elites will begin to truly understand game play, and strategy within competitions.


This advanced program will continue to test and perfect the fundamentals, team chemistry, and game strategy, through higher level game play and competition.

*Each player will be placed accordingly within their age group, after two evaluation sessions.


Hoop Mountain Camps offers two specialized programs, Basketball and All Sports, to help Hoopstars achieve their athletic goals. Whether you’re new to the sport, learning the basics, or refining your skills, our camps grow athletes to rise above as a player, and individual, on and off the court.Our Basketball camp builds fundamentals through drills, scrimmages, and competitions. Our All Sports camp rotates campers through various forms of sports, such as kickball, soccer, basketball, volleyball and others.

Our Winter Camp is finally here!! Sign up today! Keep you children active while we teach them basketball, teamwork, sportsmanship, we’ll introduce them to new games, and most importantly they’ll have fun!
Date: December 13-17  Location- The Gardens- Jebel Ali Village, Ages 5-16
*Sibling discounts available. Contact for more info*


Speed, Strength, and Agility Training is a personalized program for athletes of all ages. SSA customizes functional low and high intensity movements, drills, and cross training to develop flexibility, strength and proper movement techniques. So whether your goal is to be stronger and faster on the field, get an athletic scholarship or go professional, this is the program for you!

Scouting & Recruiting

Scouting: Hoop Mountain Dubai provides weekly basketball write ups highlighting the top basketball players, teams, coaches and stories throughout Dubai.


Recruiting: Hoop Mountain Dubai helps to coordinate recruiting opportunities for players to move on to the next level through our various High School, Prep School and University contacts in the UAE and the United States.


**Official Partner with Gulf Youth Sports. Providing scouting services and weekly basketball features regarding the UAE’s top young talents.


For further inquiries, please contact us directly at +(971 54 774 2223) or email us at





Hoop Mountain campers have earned college scholarships at our events.


Hoop Mountain staff members became coaches in the NBA.


Hoop Mountain staff members have gone on to become successful college, prep school and high school coaches.